Electronic Jobs and Projects Around the House

A relatively new surge of interest is focused on do-it-yourself electronics projects and known as the “maker movement.” Many people are pursuing hobby projects to design and create gadgets that you can use around the house. With a little electrical and electronics understanding, you can build your own circuits to manage home appliances and take care of simple tasks. Explore electronics projects to expand your do-it-yourself skills.

Remote-Controlled Appliance Switch Circuit

Build an appliance switch that you can operate via a television remote to turn appliances on and off in your home.

Make Your Own AM Radio Transmitter

Did you ever want to run your own radio station? Build this transmitter and you’ll have the next best thing.

How to Replace an iPhone Screen

With patience, persistence, and a few tools, you won’t have to take your iPhone to the Apple store to get a broken screen replaced.

USB Mini Fan

Make a simple fan that plugs into the USB port of a computer. With materials such as old CDs and an old computer cooling fan, you can easily make a new mini fan.

Three Fun Electronics Projects

Make a current detector, a doorknob touch detector, or a quick-draw game out of simple components. All materials necessary for these projects are readily available in hardware or grocery stores, and no soldering is required.

How to Make a Flashlight

This flashlight project involves batteries, insulated copper bell wire, a flashlight bulb, and a few other essentials. When you finish, you’ll have a flashlight to use around the house.

How to Create a Smart Home (PDF)

Using your smartphone, a computer, and a few other materials, you can design and build a home control center.

Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Household Appliances and Power Tools

You can repair many household appliances, such as toasters and waffle irons, with just a few materials and spare parts.

How to Repair Household Appliances

Fixing your gas oven can save you money. Issues such as the oven not heating could involve a simple repair such as replacing the igniter.

Make an LED Candle You Can Blow Out

Make an LED candle with a built-in wind detector that you can actually blow out.

How to Trick Out Your Ear Muffs

Turn standard ear muffs into headphones with this simple do-it-yourself electronics project.

How to Make a Sawed-Off USB Key

At first glance, this gadget looks like a damaged USB cord. Follow the steps of this project to make an impressive USB drive.

DIY Tech Gloves With Conductive Thread

Touch-screen gloves can be expensive, but you can make your own gloves with a few materials and simple steps.

Simple Heat Sensor or Temperature Sensor Circuit Diagram

Build a heat sensor circuit to use at home using basic components. The design is simple, but the end result will provide you with a sensor that detects temperature.

Do-It-Yourself Devices (PDF)

The “maker movement” involves people engaging in hobbies that focus on designing and building virtually any gadget used in the home.

Complete Electronics (PDF)

If you have a basic understanding of electronics, you can use this book to do electronics projects using items commonly found around the house.

Fun Projects for the Experimenter (PDF)

Explore the many projects presented in this manual, including an LED flashing light, a metronome, a pendulum alarm, and an electronic fishing lure.

Electronics for You (PDF)

Try some hands-on projects presented in this publication, including a safety timer for appliances and a medicine reminder.

Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius (PDF)

With a variety of solar energy projects, you have many options for do-it-yourself activities. Make a solar-powered ice maker, or construct circuits for solar heating.

How to Be a Maker! (PDF)

A maker is anyone who takes an idea and makes it into a gadget. For example, you could make a musical instrument that resembles a piano using empty soda cans.

Electronics Learning Lab (PDF)

This manual presents information on digital logic, which is the basis for modern electronics. Digital logic circuits can store information, process sequential steps, and perform math.

Make Your Own Hyperlocal Radio Station

Turn an old MP3 player into a device that will allow you to broadcast up to 100 feet away.

Clap Switch

Make a homemade clap switch to enable you to control devices with a loud sound such as a clap.

How to Make a Simple Circuit

You are sure to have all of the materials necessary to build a simple circuit at home. Once you have success with this project, you can move on to more advanced ones.

Build a Simple Electric Motor

You will need copper wire, a AA battery, neodymium magnets, and a few household items to build an electric motor that really works.

How to Build an Electronic Coin-Toss Circuit

This beginner project will give you some experience with a solderless breadboard.

How to Solder: Through-Hole Soldering

Soldering will be a necessary skill for many do-it-yourself electronics projects. Learn how to solder with this tutorial.

Build a Circuit

Build a circuit for electricity using a battery, wiring, and a light bulb.

Arduino Buzzer Circuit

Construct an Arduino buzzer circuit to operate a buzzer using electricity. You can construct a circuit by following the sketch provided.

Simple Electronic Projects for Beginners in Electronics Engineering

Build an FM transmitter to enable you to send and receive audio from an external source.

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