Newark Housing Authority Jobs Discussion

Company Description

The Newark Housing Authority was founded in 1938. A nonprofit organization, it is the largest public housing authority in New Jersey and the eleventh largest in the County. The nha is charged with providing low-income residents in Newark with decent, safe and affordable housing.  NHA manages approximately 10,000 housing units throughout the newark, including townhouses, family developments, and housing for the elderly and disabled.


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Discussion Topics


Newark Housing Authority Salaries and Benefits 

  1. What are the average starting salaries for positions at the Newark Housing Authority?
  2. Do they provide benefits and what are some of those benefits?
  3. Do you enjoy working for the Newark Housing Authority?

Newark Housing Authority Interview Preparation

  1. What types of questions should I prepare for when interviewing?
  2. Is the dress code professional attire or business casual?

Best Advice for Getting a Job at the Newark Housing Authority

  1. If you work at the housing authority how did you get your job?
  2. What advice can you provide to someone hoping to work at the Newark Housing Authority.

Education and Experience Requirements 

  1. What education requirements, or certifications does the housing authority like to see in an applicant.
  2. What type of experience is the authority looking for with regard to affordable housing programs.