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801 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 US
February 6, 2023 2023-04-07
Job Description

The Management Analyst classification supports the production of the Agency’s affordable housing through its Multifamily Lending Program, Mortgage Revenue Bond Program, and Inclusionary Housing Programs.

The Management Analyst makes decisions involving development financing and policy development, and performs technical and complex project-oriented research and financial analyses designed to increase the production and rehabilitation of affordable housing. The Management Analyst frequently meets with developers, and others to provide information or negotiate solutions to housing issues. Performance of this job requires a high level of knowledge of public and private housing finance sources (including tax-exempt bonds), subordinate debt (HOME), cash flow pro forma analysis, asset management, and real estate security instruments. In addition, the Management Analyst provides technical assistance to nonprofit and private developers in funding affordable housing and implements City and County inclusionary ordinances.

Agency Management
Management Analysts share responsibilities for implementing Agency-wide objectives and directives through programs and practices which reflect the Vision Statement and the SHRA in-house cultural objectives and are responsible for supporting a “one agency” perspective while acting as advocates for their work units. Management Analysts support the Executive Team as they:

  • Implement organization-wide goals and cross department projects and objectives
  • Offer input and feedback to long range, strategic and budget planning processes
  • Maintain both a department and an organization-wide perspective when considering information, issues and challenges
  • Model the Agency’s service orientation with all public, elected or funding agency representatives
  • Conduct business through cross department participation and review, two way communication and accountability

Policy/Program/Project Management Development

  • Conduct research and analysis for policy decisions
  • Establish goals and objectives for unit
  • Develop new policies and Agency procedures
  • Define and develop new programs/projects
  • Research and evaluate program compliance issues
  • Write or oversee writing of grant applications
  • Research funding source requirements and seek funding
  • Present policy and program/project ideas and coordinate with management, staff and public
  • Secure governing board approval for policies and programs/projects
  • Develop strategies for program/project implementation
  • Develop solutions to complex policy issues, projects or programs
  • Develop affordable housing policy and reports


  • Assume responsibility for project delivery
  • Assure compliance with funding agencies
  • Monitor or lead special projects, as assigned


  • Coach and mentor staff in their project management
  • Develop and implement new or streamlined processes
  • Plan, conduct and/or attend meetings with staff, supervisors, directors residents-and community groups
  • Prepare and submit reports for HUD, management and regulatory agencies
  • Oversee preparation of and authorize contracts and agreements
  • Study and implement applicable regulations, policies and procedures
  • Provide feedback opportunities and open communication channels with other Agency departments


  • Prepare, monitor and adjust project/program budgets
  • Assist in determining eligibility and use of available funds
  • Oversee management of project expenses
  • Review financial applications and approve funding recommendations
  • Coordinate the preparation of year-end accomplishments report

Public Relations/Customer Service

  • Prepare notices and regular project updates for staff, community and clients
  • Write letters to clients, community, governing boards and management
  • Prepare and make public presentations
  • Bachelor’s Degree plus 4 years related experience. Related experience may be in the following areas:
    • Public and private housing finance sources (including tax-exempt bonds), 
    • Subordinate debt (HOME)
    • Cash flow pro forma analysis
    • Asset management
    • Real estate security instruments. 
  • Previous experience developing affordable housing policy and reports is preferred.
  • Excellent writing and verbal skills required.

As a condition of employment, this employee will be required to provide a personal vehicle for Agency business. 

OTHER DUTIES: All employees may be assigned, and required to carry out, additional duties at any time. An employee with a known disability will only be assigned additional duties when the duty being added is an essential function of the position, or can be carried out with reasonable accommodation. Every employee is expected to participate in discussions of individual, department and Agency performance and work on problem-solving teams as assigned. Any employee serving on a problem-solving team may be asked to carry out the role of team leader Any person driving for Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency must maintain a valid driver’s license on his/her person, and demonstrate compliance with the motor vehicle law, standards of courtesy on the road and attention to safety. All drivers must maintain their insurability.

As a condition of employment with SHRA, this employee will be required to complete a COVID-19 vaccination recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (including for emergency use) and provide proof of vaccination to the Human Resources Department prior to employment.   

SHRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer