Pay It Forward

Our social efforts are an important part of our company and giving back is one way we try to support low income families.  We are excited to contribute part of our proceeds to Kiva this quarter to help raise money for safe, affordable housing.  Kiva helps empower people worldwide through a process calledmicro-finance.

Many of us together can make a large impact by making a small loan to low-income borrowers  that have difficulty getting credit.  These loans help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses or help people acquire affordable or safe housing.  Micro-finance first caught my interest back in 2006 when Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize as the founder of Grameen Bank which is an institution that provides micro-credit.  This concept has since grown and Kiva is at the forefront of this type of grassroots effort to help low income borrowers improve their lives.


We will be supporting a new organization quarterly with 5% of our profits.  We hope to bring innovative ideas and interesting concepts from non-profits nationally working to help low income families, seniors, the homeless, and troubled youth.  Please contact us to become a partner.