Albert Aizman
January 20, 2012

City of Auburn may have say in set aside funds

Officials from the city of Auburn are hoping that they may still have a voice in how $900,000 of set aside funds will be spent.  On Jan 9th the City Council voted to become the successor agency to Auburn Urban Development Authority, which is the local redevelopment agency.  Auburn’s redevelopment agency was dissolved along with all of California’s redevelopment agencies in assembly bill AB1X26.  Governor Brown has decided to plug the states leaky finances with local property tax revenue thereby completely eliminating redevelopment agencies in California.

“We caught wind that at some point the legislature may change the rules again and maybe sometime in the not too distant future they will establish some different thing for redevelopment,” Mayor Keith Nesbitt said. “With there being any possibility of us re-establishing a redevelopment agency you have to remain in the game. You don’t get to restart a redevelopment agency.”

Hopefully California will find a new way to maintain the positive impact redevelopment agencies have had on blighted areas and the development of affordable housing.

Auburn Journal

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