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Job Description

$30.73 – $36.46 Hourly
$2,458.12 – $2,916.96 Biweekly
$5,325.93 – $6,320.08 Monthly
$63,911.12 – $75,840.96 Annually





DEPARTMENT: CDA Housing Operations


OPENING DATE: 04/05/19


CLOSING DATE: 05/06/19 11:59 PM



The City of Madison Community Development Authority, (CDA) is seeking a highly qualified, mission-driven individual to join our team of professionals administering the second largest Public Housing program in the state. CDA is committed to modernization and sustainability efforts to improve our diverse portfolio of Public Housing and Multi-family housing for our diverse population of residents; now and into the future.

This is responsible professional and supervisory work involving the development and administration of contract and funding proposals relative to the repair, remodeling and building of Community Development Authority (CDA) public housing units and facilities. The work involves determination of physical needs and priorities, oversight of the work of contractors, professional design (architect and engineer) firm, and management of numerous projects and contracts. Under the general supervision of the Housing Operations Program Manager, this position must function independently and exercise considerable judgment, discretion, and specialized knowledge, in the solicitation and management of contracts for a wide variety of CDA repair, maintenance, and construction projects.



  • Conduct needs assessment processes including the coordination of resident and staff meetings and review of the results of physical inspections and inventories. Participate in the analysis of long-range land use and related plans. Coordinate the development of short and long-range plans for public housing repair, modernization, energy efficiency and sustainability improvements, and/or construction projects under various funding programs. Prepare needs assessments, priority determinations, program strategies and implementation schedules. Coordinate plans with other Housing staff, public housing residents, and contractors.
  • Develop and submit funding applications to HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development); Madison Gas and Electric, and other public and private agencies for improvement of CDA-owned properties. Based on funds granted, develop project priorities, assignments (i.e., to subordinate staff, self, or a consulting firm), and implementation schedules.
  • Prepare or oversee the preparation of project specifications and bidding documents. Ensure accuracy of bid specifications, inclusion of all necessary building codes and other requirements in bid advertisements, and compliance with HUD standards. Solicit bids in compliance with HUD regulations and City, State and CDA regulations.
  • Review bid submissions and determine contracts to be awarded. Negotiate purchase of service and construction/capital improvement contracts with City agencies and private contractors. Oversee the preparation of contract documents including all necessary conditions and attachments required by the funding source(s).
  • Review the submissions and recommendations of the architect/engineer firm hired to oversee major projects. In conjunction with an architect/engineer, CDA staff, and/or independently, inspect and evaluate deficiencies with buildings, building systems, grounds and equipment to determine or recommend appropriate courses of action. Oversee ongoing contract activities; conduct necessary reviews and inspections; recommend the payment of change orders as appropriate; and recommend contract termination when necessary.
  • Perform contract administration including contract interpretation, contract dispute settlements, resident notification and complaint handling, federal wage classification and scale payment monitoring and enforcement, schedule establishment and monitoring, work inspection, payout authorizations, contract close outs, etc.
  • Develop and maintain all required HUD and other local government procurement reports, including the preparation and submission of report to HUD on minority or women’s business and Section 3 information. Prepare and present procurement activities, reports, and contract award recommendations to CDA Board of Commissioners.
  • Prepare budgets and required project and program reports as required by funding source(s). Prepare other audit, monitoring, or needs assessment reports on overall progress as required.
  • Attend meetings and seminars to stay abreast of HUD requirements, procedural changes, and acceptable construction techniques and technologies. Work with HUD, WHEDA, City of Madison departments, and other agencies to maintain working relationships and communications, and to ensure compliance with various regulations, policies, procedures and codes (e.g., Fair Labor Standards, ADA, Affirmative Action, etc.).
  • Work with CDA staff, residents, and resident organizations to ensure effective communications and information exchange. Work closely with the Housing Maintenance Supervisor to ensure that funded improvements and equipment meet identified needs.
  • Provide consultation and related guidance to Housing staff in areas of expertise. Attend CDA Board and subcommittee meetings to present project information for discussion and approval.
  • Prepare other types of grant submissions as assigned by the Housing Operations Program Manager.
  • Perform related work as required.



  • Three (3) years of responsible professional experience in construction contract development and administration, including at least one (1) year of experience involving the administration of grant/funding programs.
  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, construction administration, finance or a related field.  Directly related experience may be substituted for the degree on a year-for-year basis. 

If an applicant does not possess the specific requirements outlined above, HR will review the application materials to determine if the applicant possesses the following equivalent experience:
Four (4) years experience in applying the following:

  • Building construction practices, terminology, standards and processes. Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques applicable to the funding processes associated with such agencies as HUD. 
  • Field quality control techniques, construction phase documentation, construction inspection, cost evaluation and estimation, construction project scheduling, and related functions.

Two (2) years experience in applying the following:

  • Public administration principles and practices relative to budgeting, contract administration and project management. 
  • Computers and computer software applicable to the duties of the position, such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel) 

Familiarity with the following:

  • Construction bidding, specification development, and contract development and administration practices, procedures, techniques and requirements. 
  • Supervisory techniques and procedures.  

The City of Madison strives to provide exceptional customer service to all its residents and visitors. Therefore successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to effectively work with multicultural communities.

For the complete list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities, please reference the classification specification online.



Possession of a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.

Physical Requirements:
The incumbent will be expected to physically access all portions of the facilities in order to perform or inspect repair and maintenance work. Employees must be able to frequently walk over uneven surfaces and in active construction sites, stand for long periods of time, and tolerate loud noises, dust and pollen. 

*Payroll title for this position is Housing Modernization Grant Manager



It is your responsibility to list all related jobs, correct dates of employment, average number of hours worked per week, etc. Be sure to place the complete job title on your application. If you wish to provide additional or supplemental information, please provide a resume in addition to the formal application. If you are still employed please indicate this. Failure to provide accurate and complete information may result in you not being considered for this position.

All applicants are notified by email of the status of their application in each selection process. Those applicants invited to exams will receive an email notice of the date, time, and location. Alternate exam dates/times are not available except in the case of an emergency. Emergency situations are reviewed on an individual basis. Conflicting work hours are not considered an emergency. Exams are job specific and are developed based on the duties to be performed and the criteria listed under the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities section of the job announcement . Exam results are generally available within 2 weeks of the exam, and will be emailed or may be accessed through your NEOGOV account. Due to the volume of exams given by our office, exam scores are not available via telephone.

As an employer, the City of Madison places a strong emphasis on customer service and strives to provide a working environment where: Engagement and equity are supported; Diversity and differing opinions are valued; Teamwork and open and honest communication are encouraged; Meeting customer needs through quality service is a common goal; Creativity is encouraged; Continuous learning and improvement is fostered. Come be a part of the team!


215 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd.
MMB Rm 261
(608) 266-4615

[email protected]
Position #2019-00091

CDA Facilities Modernization Manager* Supplemental Questionnaire


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY–YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS AS PART OF YOUR APPLICATION. You can answer the questions using a word processing program and attach as a .docx or .pdf file. You must attach the document in the “Attachments” section of the application or you will not receive further consideration for this position. Your responses will be evaluated on your writing ability including: spelling, grammar and your ability to express your thoughts in a logical fashion. By checking this box, you acknowledge the above and understand that your response is required and failure to attach your essay response will immediately eliminate you from consideration.


Please describe your experience with planning, prioritizing, and budgeting both short-term and long-range construction and building maintenance projects. Include details of your experience writing project specifications and estimates for construction projects. Please also include in your response your experience with mechanical and computerized building systems such HVAC, security, and lighting, etc., and any related certifications you hold.

 I have attached my one (1) page essay response in the Attachment section of my application.

Please describe your experience with construction contract administration, specifically how you’ve monitored contractor performance and held them accountable to performance expectations. Also include in your response details about your reporting responsibilities to property owners and/or the funders of the project.

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