Chief Operating Officer (406 views)

Charleston, SC
February 28, 2020 2020-04-28
Job Description

This is very responsible executive, supervisory and professional level work involving the creation, maintenance, and review of all operations needs for Charleston Housing Authority. Activities associated with the position include overseeing and assisting with the preparation and implementation of the transition to the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) model under HUD guidelines.  This position will manage public meetings with residents and community groups; negotiate business terms of ground lease agreements; prepare or coordinate the preparation of preliminary financial analysis for potential new construction projects, substantial renovations and/or acquisitions.  The position will also oversee the re-positioning, redevelopment or renovation of Housing Authority assets, including compliance with funding requirements while also identifying and pursuing project related subordinate (“soft”) funding such as AHP funds, HOME funds and Housing Trust Funds, etc.  This position will be responsible for growing the development department through hiring and supervising a relocation coordinator and a project developer.  Job responsibilities require excellent interpersonal, organizational, analytical and communication skills, extensive knowledge of federal, state and local regulations pertaining to housing authority operations and related programs and thorough experience supervising and directing the activities of support staff.  Job performance is evaluated by the Chief Executive Officer through review of the efficiency and effectiveness of all Housing Authority activities and operations, compliance with governing regulations, effectiveness in supervising staff and compliance with budgetary goals and objectives.  Assists in the development and implementation of both short-term and long-range strategic plans for the agency. 

The ideal candidate for this position must have RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) experience.