Deputy Directors of the Department of Housing Stability (371 views)

Denver, Denver
July 31, 2019 2019-09-29
Job Description

The secret is out: Denver is the nation’s top place to live, work, and play. Being the best place to live isn’t easy; maintaining such a reputation means we need the best people working for the residents of Denver. People who want to make a difference; people who want to give back; people who want to be at the heart of this city and have a hand in creating our future. When you join us, you will employ your unique skills to do important and meaningful work critical to the success of both your organization and the city as a whole.

The Department of Housing Stability will consolidate housing investments and policies in the areas of development, preservation and programs under one department to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of the community. This aligns human and financial resources to provide a comprehensive, focused approach to identify, analyze and address complex issues across the full spectrum of housing.

As we are developing this new and vital department, we are seeking to fill three Deputy Director roles: the Deputy Director of Operations, the Deputy Director of Housing Stability and Homelessness Resolution, and the Deputy Director of Housing Opportunity. Reporting to the Chief Housing Officer, each director will lead the efforts of a professional, cross-functional team in a rapidly changing, highly dynamic environment. In their respective divisions, these directors will also oversee a multi-million dollar budget. 

  • The new Deputy Director of Operations will harmonize processes, track performance of the department while leading professionals responsible for data management, communications, strategic planning, project management and finance. We will start recruiting for this position beginning Tuesday, July 23rd
  • The Deputy Director of Housing Opportunity will lead efforts on the creation of affordable housing, focusing on policy, investment and partnerships. We will start recruiting for this position on Tuesday, July 23rd
  • The third position, our future Deputy Director of Housing Stability and Homelessness Resolution will lead efforts for two main areas: providing housing stability for those at risk of losing their homes and homelessness resolution for those who are currently homeless. We will be posting this position in August.

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