Development Coordinator (125 views)

Watkinsville, GA
May 1, 2017
Job Description

ReBuild America, Inc. is looking for a DRIVEN, ARTICULATE, ENERGETIC, FOCUSED, and TALENTED professional to help grow our affordable housing portfolio. ReBuild America acquires and rehabilitates affordable housing for seniors, but at the core of our mission is to preserve housing that provides our residents a safe, clean, peaceful and well maintained place to thrive in their latter years.


Position summary:

Based in Athens, GA, this is a full-time salaried position that will coordinate project management services for developments currently within ReBuild America’s pipeline, as well as researching and vetting new development opportunities. The ideal candidate will combine a mission-based approach with strong real estate development skills to manage various aspects of development projects: project concept to stabilized operations to tracking ownership responsibilities.

 Responsibilities include:

Specific tasks will include but are not limited to:

Development & Due Diligence:

  • Coordinate due diligence of new projects that support the business goals and mission of the organization.
  • Undertake feasibility analysis of potential projects
  • Financial modeling of new projects – including development of a proforma, site visits, interviews with development team members, asset management consultation and discussions with contractors and vendors.
  • Perform site visits and assist with identifying and managing the Scope of Work
  • Coordinate development team professionals, including architects, engineers, market analysts, attorneys, and general contractors and lenders
  • Perform financial underwriting through the construction and management of financial models
  • Prepare and submit financing applications, including management of all necessary project due diligence such as appraisals, market studies, surveys, environmental studies, architectural and engineering plans, and legal organizational documents
  • Coordinate the closing process for acquisition, construction, and permanent financing
  • Coordinate project performance through diligent management of development budgets and critical path schedules; managing and communicating current timelines.
  • Cultivate professional relationships with key stakeholders of ReBuild America’s developments.

Asset Management:

  • Monitoring reporting criteria to lenders, investors and third parties. This includes: managing required reserves; maintaining calendar for release dates; overseeing the master list of contingent liabilities and guarantees for each asset; and ensuring compliance with all third party reporting.
  • Perform Site visits with investors and other third party entities, as needed. 

Qualifications: Minimum 3-5 years experience in affordable housing industry, development, planning, finance, or other related fields. Experience in financial modeling and feasibility analysis, project management, construction, and/or design and engineering are also helpful.

  • Takes initiative to start, maintain and finish projects.
  • Professional communicator with the ability to train.
  • Deep commitment to the mission and values of ReBuild America.
  • Exceptionally high integrity in all professional responsibilities.
  • Ability to work well independently, but also to appreciate the value of operating within a
  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail.
  • Technical competency in development proforma modeling for affordable multifamily properties.
  • Organized approach to project management, including a strong attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • High FLEXIBILITY to continuous change within project management requirements to achieve accurate and timely results;
  • Demonstrated ability to succeed in working with teams through a collaborative approach to accomplish a complex transaction; possesses the personal security and self knowledge to operate in some instances as a team leader of a team and at other times, in shared leadership with partners.
  • Wise decision-making capability in the midst of time-sensitive and ambiguous situations.

Salary: To be determined based on experience and qualifications of applicant.

Company description:                

ReBuild America, Inc. (RA) is a Georgia based Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation organized in 2012 to engage in the development and the preservation of affordable housing. With a special interest in housing for senior citizens, ReBuild America currently has 4 properties under development in 3 different states with others on the drawing board. RA completed the preservation of a 101 unit seniors housing community in Arcadia, CA in 2014. Serving as the single member and manager of the General Partner, ReBuild America is the controlling force for the property while working closely with an experienced affordable housing developer. The financing of its first preservation included 4% LIHTC, a HUD insured mortgage and tax exempt bonds. The transaction was a $22 Million development providing over $3 Million in construction renovations.