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Rochester, NY 14611
October 11, 2019 2019-12-10
Job Description

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  This is a professional level administrative position involving broad responsibility for policy development recommendations and implementation, planning and development, and general management and administration of the Authority’s activities consistent with Federal, State and local laws, rules, and regulations.  The Executive Director serves as Secretary to the Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners, as well as Contracting Officer for the Authority.  The Board of Commissioners selects the Executive Director, who serves at the discretion of the Board and during the Board’s tenure.  Under the general direction of the Board of Commissioners, the Executive Director is responsible for the execution of all orders, policies and resolutions as directed by the Board.

The Executive Director exercises administrative supervision over all Directors and departments, including Chief of Maintenance, Deputy Executive Director, Director of Development and Capital Projects, Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources, Director of Information Technology, Director of Leasing Operations, and Public Housing Director.  These departments include personnel, communication, finance, Section 8, housing management/maintenance and development of future properties/housing programs within the Rochester Housing Authority.  The Executive Director maintains relations with public agencies, private developers, realtors, and governmental bodies and agencies.


The following list of duties is intended only to describe the various types of work that may be performed and is not intended to be an all inclusive list of duties:

   -Interprets the Housing and Community Development Act, New York State Public Housing Law, Federal, State, and local laws, rules and regulations relating to activities of the Authority;

   -Interprets the policies of the Authority and provides leadership and direction in the development of administrative procedures to effectuate them;

   -Makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding the development and operations of the Authority’s housing programs;

   -Recommends to the Board of Commissioners policies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of public housing and related services to tenants;

   -Seeks to secure through appropriate channels financial funding, to provide rehabilitation, management and maintenance of quality housing for the low income, elderly and handicapped residents of the community;

   -Administratively supervises the preparation of the annual budget for submission to the Board of Commissioners;

   -Exercises general supervision over budgetary control such as purchasing, preparation of accounting and financial records and reports;

   -Administratively oversees the activities related to affordable housing projects constructed/developed by the Rochester Housing Authority’s Property Development department;

   -Administratively supervises housing management, maintenance and security operations of the Authority’s housing program through review of staff reports and conferences with administrative staff;

   -Administratively supervises the personnel administration functions including the implementation of the Personnel Policy, Union Contract, Affirmative Action, hiring and termination practices, employee benefits, and compliance with Civil Service and other laws and regulations as they apply to employment;

   -Establishes and maintains appropriate relationships with and acts as the primary representative to:  State, Federal, and local administrative officials, tenant representatives, public and private organizations and the press;

   -Prepares and presents agenda items for the Authority Board meetings;

   -Prepares reports for the Board on the general operating activities of the Authority;

   -Promotes the creation of tenant organization in order to facilitate a management partnership between the Authority and residents to enhance the residents’ capacity for decision making and responsibility for site management;

   -Administratively supervises the execution of all legal documents and contracts;

   -Supervises the maintenance of all corporate documents, Board minutes and other records.


Knowledge of the principles and practices of public housing administration;

Knowledge of the Housing and Community Development Act and Amendments, New York State Housing Law, Federal, State, and local laws and regulations as they apply to public housing;

Knowledge of the principles and practices of financial administration;

Knowledge of Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Tax Exempt Mortgage Bond Revenue programs, and available funding resources in the community and private sector;

Knowledge of the principles and practices of administrative supervision;

Ability to understand, interpret, and analyze complex written materials;

Ability to prepare effective narrative reports, and business correspondence;

Ability to evaluate operating procedures and to make recommendations for improvement of the Authority’s activities;

Ability to speak effectively and make effective oral presentations;

Ability to monitor and evaluate professional working relationships;

Demonstrated ability to work with individuals and groups from diverse cultural backgrounds;

Administrative ability;




  1. Masters degree from an accredited college or university in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration, or a related field, and five (5) years full-time paid work experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity in public housing programs or related urban, economic, and community development programs, demonstrating leadership skills with knowledge of budgets and government funding;


 Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration, or a related field, and six (6) years of full-time paid experience as stated in (A) above.