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Honolulu, HI
April 7, 2021 2021-06-06
Job Description

The Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) is seeking a Hearings Officer for the Hearings Office that conducts and coordinates hearings which involve resident disputes or evictions. The successful candidate will represent HPHA in eviction hearings against residents before the Hearing Board and coordinates with the Office of Attorney General on court proceedings. As a Hearings Officer, the incumbent will hear testimonies and conducts cross examinations of tenants, agency representatives and other witnesses and reviews documentary evidence. The Hearings Officer would serve as the HPHA’s primary legal representative in statewide eviction hearings for the agency and explains the issues and the legal and procedural aspects of the hearings, presents arguments, and conducts examination of tenants, agency’s representatives and other witnesses.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

Education: Graduation from an accredited school of law recognized by the American Bar Association with a Juris Doctor degree.


Preferred and Specialized Experience: Two (2) years of specialized experience work which involve knowledge of procedures and requirements pertinent to conducting hearings of contested cases in government and adjudicating hearings of contested cases that involve the interpretation and application of policy, rules and regulations which demonstrate skill in the analysis and presentation of cases or complex issues.

General Experience: Three (3) years of general experience work which involve gathering, evaluating, and analyzing facts and other pertinent information required to resolve problems and identifying , evaluating and analyzing issues involved and interpreting and applying various statutory provisions, rules, and regulations to determine and recommend appropriate courses of action on hearings.

Supervisory Experience: Two (2) years of supervisory experience which includes the planning, organizing, staffing, policy formulation and implementation.

Note: These aforementioned positions are exempt non-civil service and are on continuous recruitment until filled. HPHA is an equal opportunity employer. We offer competitive compensation package with added benefits with the State of Hawaii. Salary range is commensurate with training and experience.

For consideration, you may submit a cover letter, a completed State of Hawaii Application for Non-Civil Service Appointment HRD 278 (see link below), and a detailed resume to:

Hawaii Public Housing Authority

Human Resources Office – Building J

1002 N. School Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Email: [email protected] | Fax: (808) 832-5979

The State of Hawaii Application for Non-Civil Service Appointment, HRD 278 may be accessed online at http://humanservices.hawaii.gov/application-for-non-civil-service-appointment/