HousingWorks Austin Executive Director (157 views)

Austin, TX
November 15, 2017 2018-01-14
Job Description

HousingWorks Austin is searching for an Executive Director who can continue the momentum created by Mandy De Mayo. Do you know someone who possesses the knowledge, experience and passion necessary to lead the fight for more affordable housing in Austin? If so, please encourage them to apply by December 15th. Learn more about the position at http://bit.ly/2iRcgpI

The Executive Director of HousingWorks leads the
premiere affordability policy organization in Austin. We
seek a mature Executive Director — responsible and
responsive — to effectively manage our vision and
work hand-in-hand with a strong, experienced working
Board of Directors.
The HousingWorks Executive Director leads at a
unique time in Austin’s history, navigating the tension
between preserving Austin’s unique character, ensuring
equity and economic opportunity, and collaborating to
create effective affordability policies that can ensure
continued growth.
The Executive Director achieves our vision by
producing thought leadership about affordability, leading
policy, and advocating for affordability with education,
workforce, social services, and city leaders.
The Executive Director uses a variety of tools
and mechanisms to convene stakeholders, build
consensus, investigate and evaluate, and ultimately
advocate and promote dialogue and recommendations.
A successful Executive Director candidate can build
on a demonstrated history of success in his or her
community, build on branded national convening, and
deepen service to our stakeholders.
The successful candidate has experience managing
Board committees, and working with a variety of other
organizations to achieve HousingWorks’ goals.
Your skills and qualifications include:
• Demonstrated community leadership.
• Success-oriented and able to build strong working
relationships with Board members, the Board
Chair and key stakeholders.
• Leading the Board in handling complex issues
when stakeholders may have competing
objectives; experience with crucial conversations,
a structured approach to driving consensus
repeatedly and consistently toward shared goals.
• Excellent written, oral and visual communication
skills; a commitment to listening; demonstrated
ability to seek input from others; an ability to
synthesize both qualitative and quantitative data.
• Optimism, leadership, charisma with a friendly
demeanor and strong conversational skills.
• Strong financial management experience;
including fundraising, grant or other revenue
• Experience managing, and understanding of the
value of ethics and integrity.
• Dedication to monitoring the strategic planning
goals outlined by the HousingWorks Board.
The Executive Director should have experience and
strong judgment in delegating to staff and partner
organizations. Strong group dynamic skills, creative
problem solving skills, and initiative are essential to
keep meetings running smoothly and to deal with
Candidate must be able to foster collaborative and
innovative partnerships with city, regional, state
and federal agencies, community groups, industry
organizations and both nonprofit and private entities.