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June 11, 2024 2024-08-10
Job Description

Policy and Impact Intelligence Associate


Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services (NPHS) is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) dedicated to building equitable communities through innovative housing and economic solutions. Our mission focuses on enhancing the well-being of individuals, revitalizing neighborhoods, creating jobs, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

NPHS seeks a dynamic, equity-driven Policy and Impact Intelligence Associate to join our dedicated team of entrepreneurs. The Policy and Impact Intelligence Associate will play a critical role in shaping and articulating NPHS’ positions on affordable housing policies at the local, state, and federal levels and will work with policy and advocacy coalitions, provide local housing elements recommendations, and collaborate with a broad spectrum of policy and advocacy stakeholders. This role encompasses three main areas of responsibility: policy development and engagement, impact intelligence, and stakeholder interaction. The successful candidate will be proactive, skilled in policy analysis and formulation, stakeholder engagement, and data collection and analysis, and have a passion for driving change and influencing public policy in the housing and financial inclusion sectors.

Position Overview:

The Policy and Impact Intelligence Associate will engage in comprehensive advocacy efforts, including advocating for low-income communities’ credit needs under the CRA, promoting fair housing and lending policies, and enhancing the availability and affordability of credit. The associate will support policies to increase affordable housing options, advocate for equitable land use policies, and improve access to financing for low-income borrowers. Additionally, they will strengthen the role of CDFIs in underserved communities. Using impact intelligence, the associate will collect and analyze data to measure and enhance the social, environmental, and economic impacts of these advocacy efforts, contributing to the mission of fostering equitable and sustainable community development.

Key Responsibilities:

Policy Development and Engagement

  • Develop and advocate for NPHS’ policy positions on affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, and local, state, and federal economic development.
  • Monitor and analyze legislative and regulatory developments impacting NPHS’s mission and goals.
  • Work collaboratively with policy teams to design, refine, and implement policy proposals and strategies to address housing affordability and financial inclusion.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to identify and address policy issues and opportunities.
  • Prepare policy briefs, position papers, and advocacy materials to communicate NPHS positions effectively.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impacts of policies, providing actionable insights for continuous policy enhancement.

Impact Intelligence

  • Systematically collect, analyze, and utilize data and insights to measure various initiatives, programs, or policies’ social, environmental, and economic impacts. This information is used to make informed policy recommendations that improve strategies and optimize the impact of initiatives.
  • Compile, gather, analyze, and interpret data and the latest research on housing, land use, community development, housing markets, credit systems, and economic indicators to help craft NPHS’s affordable housing strategies, community investment directives, policy development, advocacy efforts, and policy engagement.
  • Translate complex data sets into clear, actionable information for strategic decision-making, ensuring stakeholders understand vital insights and their implications.
  • Utilize data to inform and refine policy development and advocacy strategies, ensuring evidence-based approaches to community development initiatives.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports, dashboards, and presentations that effectively communicate data insights to stakeholders, including policymakers, community organizations, and the public.
  • Ensure the integrity and accuracy of all data analyses and reports, maintaining high data quality and reliability standards.


Stakeholder Advocacy

  • Engage with community members, policymakers, and partner organizations to build support for NPHS’ policy initiatives.
  • Represent NPHS in meetings, coalitions, and public forums to advocate for equitable housing and economic policies.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including government officials, community leaders, and industry partners.
  • Develop and deliver effective presentations and updates to stakeholders to inform them of policy developments and organizational efforts.
  • Lead and facilitate discussions and working groups with stakeholders to solicit feedback and improve policy initiatives.
  • Communicate findings and impact assessments to stakeholders to inform and guide policy development and program implementation.


Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in public policy, economics, statistics, or related fields; a master’s degree is preferred. At least three years of experience in policy analysis or associated roles, preferably within housing or financial policy sectors.

Required Skills:

Proficiency in data analysis tools and software, with strong analytical skills. Excellent verbal and written communication abilities, proven capable of engaging effectively with diverse stakeholders. Demonstrated project management skills, including prioritizing tasks and working independently in a dynamic environment. Strong expertise in impact intelligence, including systematically collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data to measure and enhance the social, environmental, and economic impacts of initiatives, programs, or policies.

Work Schedule:

Full-time; Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Must be able to work evenings and weekends as needed to complete projects, conduct business travel, and attend meetings and events. This is an exempt position.


Annual salary range: $70,000 – $80,000 and commensurate with experience. NPHS offers comprehensive health benefits and an 8% employer retirement plan match to support our employees’ financial well-being and security.