Senior Project Manager (86 views)

Los Angeles, CA
January 14, 2021 2021-03-15
Job Description

Job Overview:
The Senior Project Manager supports SRO Housing Corporation’s overall mission in affordable housing by being a leading member of the real estate development team. This position manages all aspects of the development cycle, from design and development through construction completion and lease-up.

•Managing all aspects of affordable housing development, including design, financial, legal, construction and stabilization phases
•Vetting new deals, including due-diligence, financial analysis, working with consultants and competitive analysis
•Creating and reviewing financial models of proposed projects to evaluate feasibility throughout the development process
•Leveraging financial, political and community support for projects and collaborating with neighborhood groups and local government staff to secure regulatory approvals and easements
•Preparing applications for project funding, including pre-development, construction, and permanent financing
•Leading financial closings, negotiating debt and equity terms and assuring timely completion of all steps required for a successful transaction
•Overseeing the general contractor and coordinating other consultants to ensure construction remains on schedule and on budget Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with existing and potential capital providers, including lenders, equity investors, foundations, and public housing finance entities.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree or experience commensurate with education in the field of real estate, construction management, architecture, planning, finance, business, law, urban planning, or related field.