Albert Aizman
April 17, 2012

Romney May Eliminate HUD

At a private fundraiser in florida this past sunday republican nominee Mitt Romney suggested that if he were to become the President of the United States it is possible that the Department of Housing and Urban Development may be eliminated as reported in the Washington Post.  He discussed his vision for consolidating or eliminating some departments within the federal government including the department of education and HUD.

Eddie Eitches, president of AFGE Local 476, a union representing about 6,000 HUD employees said the former Massachusetts governor’s comments show he’s out of touch.

“Most everything he says about the housing industry and the crisis makes no sense,” Eitches said Monday morning when told of Romney’s comments. “We do a lot of things. We engage in fair housing, we stop discrimination, our FHA program provides mortgages for the middle class.”

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