Albert Aizman
April 16, 2013

5 Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Default Answers

Many people tend to create ‘default’ answers that are used throughout multiple interviews with various companies.  Instead, focus on each job description and what the company is looking for in an employee.  Include specific terms and skills that are mentioned.  Be sure to communicate how your skills, talents, and knowledge can help that company.  Be prepared to share specific examples of how your talents have helped previous employers.

Forgetting the ‘Big Picture’

When in an interview, be sure to discuss your ability to help the entire company and not just the department you are applying for.  Employers are looking for people who are versatile and are able to work with people in various departments.  Also emphasize any projects you have been involved in working with people on virtual teams, across time zones, in other countries.  Be sure to include volunteer work as well.  Just because you did not get paid, does not mean that you did not acquire special skills or knowledge.

Not Knowing Salary Expectations

One of the biggest mistakes people make in an interview is too high of salary/compensation demands. Research the salaries of that position in your area to get a good idea of where your skills and experience would place you on the salary bracket.

Struggling Through the Interview

Practice the interview process many times before the day of your interview.  Have specific examples prepared for all of the skills listed on your resume.  Hiring managers want to hear the stories of how you have applied your talents and experience to the workplace.  Also prepare yourself for questions such as ‘name your 3 biggest weaknesses,’ or ‘name your greatest accomplishment before age 18.’

Forgetting Your Research

Before the interview, be sure to research the company so you understand its history and goals.  Understand how you can fit in with its current needs.  Look up the person interviewing you and find out more about him/her.  Connecting with the hiring manager is an important step in the interviewing process.

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