Albert Aizman
May 23, 2013

Are You Highlighting The Wrong Skills?

Of course it is important to highlight skills that make your resume stand out above the rest.  However, many people are still highlighting skills that no longer have much relevancy in today’s workplace.  Take a look at which skills are a thing of the past.

Spanish is the second most prominent language in the United States, after English. It is estimated that, over 35 million U.S. residents speak Spanish at home. (According to census.gov.) Because the Spanish speaking community has become so prevalent in today’s world, it is no longer considered a special skill set.  In addition, Spanish is less commonly used in the business world compared to Japanese and Chinese.

Legal Research

With the job market flooded with law school grads many have had to take positions in legal research.  Therefore, this is no longer an impressive skill set to include.

Mortgage Loans

When the housing industry collapsed so did the usefulness of this skill set.  Renters are on the rise so you may want to find a different skill to highlight in your resume.

Software Installation/Upgrades

Knowing how to install or upgrade computer software used to be a great achievement.  Now, with more user-friendly software on the market, most workers have the capability of  completing this task.

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