Albert Aizman
May 21, 2013

Do You Feel You Deserve Your Dream Job?

Many people go into a job search having a good idea of what their dream job looks like.  However, 70 percent of Americans feel undeserving of that job they wish they could have and never go for that amazing job they really want.  Stop holding yourself back and consider these tips to landing the career of your dreams.

How Qualified Are You?

Before discarding the idea of applying for a great job, you must first figure out what triggers your feelings of fear.

  • Do you feel there are parts of the job you could not do well?  If so, which ones?
  • Are there parts of the job that you feel unqualified for?
  • Are you holding yourself back out of fear of the job search process?

Keep in mind that most employers would rather hire someone with a good work ethic and wiliness to learn over someone with a poor work ethic who meets all of the qualifications.  If you meet just a small percent of the qualifications then it may be worth your time to apply.

Importance of Support

Getting coaching or mentoring is always a great idea during your job search.  However it is even more important when you are experiencing feelings of doubt or ineptness.  Whether you turn to a trusted mentor or pay for a professional coach, getting support is a great step in going after that dream job.

Boost Your Confidence

All too often we dwell on the negative things in our life.  It is a good idea to keep a notebook or journal of your accomplishments.  Even writing down your small ideas or projects that you have accomplished can go a long way towards boosting your confidence.  Keeping track of and reviewing these achievements during a job search will help to keep you from backing away from that dream job.

Ask Questions

Remember that an interview is not only a chance for an employer to make sure a potential candidate is the right fit, but it is also an opportunity for a potential candidate to make sure that the employer is right for them too.  Asking your own questions is a great opportunity for you to assess the workplace and make sure that it a place you can feel confident and thrive.

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