Albert Aizman
March 16, 2012

Find Housing Authority Jobs Using Social Media

What are Housing Authorities?

Housing Authorities are government entities designed and created for the purpose of managing state and local housing programs.  The mission of a housing authority is to provide affordable housing to low-income and moderate income households.  Housing Authorities also administer various programs for the purpose of providing special needs populations such as seniors, disabled individuals and the homeless with affordable housing.

Searching Twitter for Housing Authority Careers:

You can see in the screenshot below that a housing authority search brings up three housing authority jobs that you may have overlooked.  Jobseekers typically search for multi family jobs at housing authorities on the national and local job sites but often fail to utilize social media.  A good strategy is to follow sites that list housing authority postions and periodically check to see if any new positions have been listed.  You can also contact recruiters directly through twitter and try to create a relationship.

Housing authority jobs on twitter

How LinkedIn Groups Can Help You Find a Housing Authority Job:

Linkedin is fairly unique among all social media because it is dedicated exclusively to professionals and networking.  One feature that lends itself to job searching is the vast amount of specialized industry groups that you can join.  Join various industry groups and begin searching the job discussions to see new jobs posted within your industry.  In the screenshot below are a few of the housing authority groups that you can join and look for possible housing authority job listings.  The groups are also a good opportunity to network with people that may be hiring.  A good rule of thumb is to participate in the forums and be helpful when possible

how to find housing authority careers on Linkedin


Google+ The New Kid On The Block:

Google+ is the smallest of the major social media sites but they are the fastest growing and unlike google buzz which failed to capture an audience it seems google+ is catching on with users.  The format is slightly different than other social media with an emphasis on “circles” but it does have an excellent search as you would expect from google .  You can see  a job posted from the Chicago Housing Authority in the screenshot.

Housing Authority Jobs on Google+


In short, searching for a Housing authority job utilizing social media is a smart strategy that can differentiate you from other applicants by connecting you directly with a recruiter or helping you find a job opportunity other applicants may not have seen.

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