Albert Aizman
May 30, 2013

Giving Your Resume A Fresh Look


When the hiring manager is looking through stacks of resumes, they are looking for people with the qualifications that they have specified. There are many different words that can be used to describe a work skill.  Make sure that your resume uses that same language that is exhibited in the job description.  For instance if the job post is looking for a “Manager” and your resume currently states that you were a “Supervisor,” be sure to change the wording to “Manger” to match. 

Stick to the Truth

It happens all too often – little white lies on the resume.  Perhaps you included a certification that you have never actually received or noted a software program that you have not yet learned.  It is time to clean it up.  If the skill set is something you are working towards, you can always include them as something you are “pursuing.”

Objective Statements Are Obsolete 

At one point, resume experts encouraged you to include an “Objective Statement” at the beginning of your resume.  However, this has now been deemed a waste of resume space.  It is clear that your objective is to get a job, therefore it is pointless to state it in the resume.  Remove the Objective and instead focus on explaining who you are and how you can benefit the hiring company. 


Remove Redundancies.

Hiring managers sort through many resumes so it’s best to get right to the point.  It is a waste of time going into great detail explaining what they already know.  For instance, if you were a social media marketer for a shoe company, do not say “Marketed shoes to potential customers on a wide variety of social media platforms.”  Reiterating the self-explanatory is unnecessary.  Instead, focus on describing more specific achievements of your previous job.

Rev Up the Language

Review the verbs that are used in your resume.  Are they strong or boring?  For instance, can “Responsible for…” be replaced with “Managed” or “Supervised”? To keep your resume from becoming boring or monotonous, be sure that you do not use the same verbs repeatedly throughout.


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