Albert Aizman
May 7, 2013

How To Find A Good Employee

Employees provide a first impression of your organization and, of course, it needs to be a good one.  Therefore, a good employee is extremely valuable to your business. Getting good employees starts with a good hiring process.




Hiring a Good Employee

  • Write down the characteristics of a good employee for your organization. Consider the attributes of your current employees that you would like to see in your newly hired employee.
  • Be sure that the qualifications of the prospective employee match the requirements needed to perform the job. Overqualified employees may seem enticing at first.  However, it is possible for them to become bored from not being challenged.  An unmotivated employee can be detrimental to a department or organization.  Good employees have short and long term goals and need to have room for growth.  A good employee will choose to use his/her talents on an organization with potential career advancement.
  • Meet the candidate more than once.  After several interviews, the potential employee will begin to relax and you can start to see their real personality.
  • Check all references. Even if you receive a wonderful report from a reference, it is best to be thorough and contact all of them.
  • Competition is not just for customers. You are also competing for good quality candidates to work for your organization.  Make sure that your salaries, benefits, and atmosphere are equal or better than that of your competition.

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