Albert Aizman
June 6, 2013

The Power of Thank You

According to surveys, about 85 percent of executives say that a post-interview thank-you note has some influence on the hiring decision. While only half of candidates send thank-you notes, it seems to be an easy gesture everyone should use to greatly impact the hiring process. Surveys also suggest that hiring managers are divided in terms of preference for receiving thank-you notes by email or letter. It is therefore up to you to decide which method best fits the culture of the organization.


Pros of A Handwritten Note:

  • More thoughtful
  • May end up on their desk or bulletin board for a while, reminding them of you.
  • Very few send handwritten notes, therefore, you will instantaneously stand out

Pros of an Email Note:

  • May appear more professional
  • Arrives more quickly
  • Can be forwarded on to other people within the company

How to Write A Thank You

  1. Send the note the day after the interview.
  2. Check your interviewer’s name and title, and be sure of the correct spelling. Get her or his card for this very purpose, or check with the secretary or receptionist.
  3. Address the recipient by a formal Mr. or Ms.
  4. Thank the interviewer for a great interview.  Be sure to describe what made it great: (you feel it is a good fit, you are excited about a career with them, this is a wonderful opportunity.)
  5. Describe your expectations. For example, “I will look forward to meeting with the Department Manager.”
  6. Complete your letter with your closing such as “Sincerely” or “Gratefully”

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